Raymond Hwang (b.1992) is an artist currently living and working in Ridgewood, NY.

He holds a BFA from the School of Visual Arts (New York, NY).


Throughout my work, I use characters that reference specific personal artifacts and other recurring motifs to weave a visual language that is my own. My work is an amalgamation of my lived life, my upbringing, my dry humor and the subtle ways they do or don’t connect; painting and drawing allows me to obscure and layer these images to set up an environment that is constantly in flux. I imagine my work at its best is similar to being in a crowded room, hearing snippets of conversations, all while interpreting and misinterpreting phrases to create a union between potentially unrelated thoughts. These thoughts are then morphed into a cartoon-ish fiction of personal folklore that suggests a world beyond the frame.

The subject matter that I utilize are relics of my past, my identity and my engagement with my everyday life. They clash, bounce, conflict, converse and stumble into each other in awkward ways that set up the potential for an unconventional narrative that reveals itself over time. In one painting, wobbly legs that don’t seem to have an owner flounder about as a large banana peel hovers seemingly stationary on a different spatial plane. A small note stuck strangely onto the backdrop suggests an impending verdict as the legs stumble for eternity, unable to accept the inevitable in all of our lives.

I don’t pretend to understand everything about my work and it’s often that fact that pushes me to continue making it. With that, I hope that new narratives will be revealed and that we’re left with more questions than answers.